Michelle J.G. Perin holds an MS in Criminology and
Criminal Justice and has been writing for publication since
2000. Since then, her work has appeared
in Law and Order, Law Enforcement Technology,Police
Magazine, Survivor's Edge, Tactical Knives, Combat
Handguns, Beyond the Badge, The UP Mag, Chief of Police,
Police Times, and Police Fleet Manager.  She has been a
contributing writer for The Michigan Snowmobiler Magazine
and writes two monthly columns for Officer.com. She has
also been a columnist for LawOfficer.com.

Michelle contributed to
Felons, Flames and Ambulance
Rides and Women Warriors: Stories from the Thin Blue
Line (all proceeds benefiting the National Law Enforcement
Memorial Fund).

Michelle is also a highly regarded editor ensuring her
clients submit clean, grammatically correct copy without
often missed mistakes such as name changes or
inaccurate facts.

Michelle spent five years with South Lane County Fire &
Rescue as a Firefighter/EMT. She is the past president of
the SLCFR Volunteer Association. She currently works as a
street medic with CAHOOTS, a mobile crisis unit ran by
White Bird and dispatched by the police department.
About the Author
Lane Area Ferret Lovers Shelter
& Rescue
Michelle (pictured here holding
Gambit, one of her five ferrets)
volunteers as the fundraising
coordinator for this
Eugene-based shelter. (Photo
courtesy of Jim Corso)
Michelle J.G. Perin
Public Safety Writer
Patriot Guard
Michelle rides with the Patriot
Guard Riders in memory of
Sgt. W. Ryan Fritsche
Michelle enjoys traveling
throughout the United States
visiting eccentric places and
experiencing local culture.
Public Safety Writers
Association (PSWA)
Michelle is the President of
the PSWA. Pictured here
giving the Grand Prize to Dr.
Ellen Kirschman, author of
Love a Cop
and I Love a
Fire Fighter.